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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

It's All Fun & Games Until You Glue The Shit Out Of Your Finger

Let me just warn you, in case you didn't know: Hot glue is hot. Like freakin' hot. You do not want to accidentally squeeze it out across your fingertip.

Since I dug the glue gun out for my bead experiment (and didn't put it away) I decided to make some use of it. Here is a metal collector tin from Yu-Gi-Oh! We get a bunch of these in the store when people sell collections. Usually we give them away to players to put their stuff in. I kept this one.

Thanks to R for spray painting it black, along with some stuff he was base-coating for himself.

All these glass jewels are left over from other things. I just went crazy gluing them to the top of the box in no particular order.

I think it looks pretty cool. I might get a gold pen and do something on the sides of the box, though. What do you think?


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