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Friday, March 29, 2013

Dream Analysis

Last night I dreamed I was watching a Science Channel Documentary on television. The show was about sharks and dinosaurs. A lot of sharks. And a lot of dinosaurs. The voice over talked about how there were only a fraction of those sharks around now. And, of course, the dinosaurs are all gone. It went on to say the mammal population was greatly reduced, as well. But mammals, overall, were doing much better than sharks or dinos.

Then, I was looking at a clear blue ocean from underwater, but near the surface. And thousands of sharks were dumped into the water. The water was clouded with bubbles from the influx of sharks and they struggled to right themselves in the water and swim away.

Before they could do that, dinosaurs were dumped in with them--all kinds of dinosaurs. I saw stegosaurus, apatosaurus, even T-rexes. All in the water.

I thought to myself, This is crazy. Some of those dinosaurs can't swim and will drown. Or be eaten by sharks. And some of those sharks will be eaten by other sharks. And, as soon as I thought that, it started to happen. Dinos started to drown. Dinos started to be eaten. Sharks started to be eaten.

Then I saw two lions swim to the shore and climb out onto the land. They shook themselves off and stood, looking out at the water, which was very turbulent. The voiceover said something about the mammals prevailing.

Here's my dream analysis:

1) I watch way too much Science Channel.
2) I really had to pee
3) I like lions
4) I'm an incredible nerd who dreams about watching science documentaries.


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