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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Spring!

You could never tell it here in Indiana, though. It was 32 degrees today. Definitely not swimsuit weather. (Not that I'm anxious to put on a swimsuit any time soon. Yikes!)

My yard is mud and I still have a pile of leaves under my tree. (Yes, I know. But it pisses off my next door neighbor, so I like it there.) Hopefully, it will warm up a bit and dry out a little. I want to flatten down the yard where the water has caused it to ripple a little--right in the middle of my croquet field--and I want to finally move those leaves to the compost bin.

And by I, of course, I mean T.

I'm hoping to get the garden out sooner this year than last. If you remember, I broke my toe at garden time last year and didn't get everything in the ground. That toe, by the way, has never properly healed, so I'm not sure how that will affect this year's garden.

The two lilac bushes I planted last year fell victim to the drought, too. But I had several of my other bushes send out some volunteers, so I may end up moving those to the lilac spot.

I'm kind of excited about the sun coming back.


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