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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I actually am Irish. And English. And Cherokee. And pretty much everything else you can think of. I'm a true American--a little of this, a little of that. America's the melting pot of the world, you know.

Seriously. I had looked at a partial family tree one of my relatives was working on about ten years ago. And my takeaway from it was that apparently my ancestors liked to move to another country and have a bunch of kids. Then those kids moved to other countries and had a bunch of kids. Then, apparently, we came to America and said "Oh look! A whole bunch of other genetic material to add to our lineage."

Yeah. Apparently my family is The Borg.

We will assimilate you.

Anyway, my Irish blood stirs at the pictures of cliffs and green fields. And my feet can only keep rhythm to traditional folk songs. (Plus, I effin hate snakes.) So I like to celebrate St. Patrick's day by wearing green.

Here's what I made to go with my I Heart Ireland t-shirt. It's a Celtic Interlace Knot Medallion Necklace from Lion Brand. The pattern is actually for spool knitting, but I just made I-cord with the two DPNs (one size 4 and one size 5) that I could actually find.

Yeah. That's not the optimum set of tools, but you know, I still can't find my DPNs.

This is a really clever bit of knotting. It knits up quickly. And, if you pay attention and not try to watch tv while you're doing it, you can knot it pretty easily by using the handy-dandy diagram in the pattern. The only thing that actually takes time is sewing a stitch or two at each of the intersections.

Because there are a heckuvalotta intersections.

I made a similar necklace a while back:

It's not as complex as the Interlace Knot Medallion, but it's very pretty and I wear it pretty often.

I'd like to find a few more of these type of patterns. I wonder if there is a book or website somewhere?


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