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Friday, March 08, 2013

Scrap Organization

As you know, I've been knitting a lot of small things lately--mostly Christmas ornaments for the Advent Garland I'm hoping to have done for Christmas. It's working out great, using scraps from other projects, since I seem to have a lot of red and green scraps in my yarn hell yarn horde yarn collection.

I also like using these leftovers because it's kind of sentimental. For instance, the tree was made with leftovers from a couple of Christmas present scarves and R's Christmas stocking. And it also utilized beads from other Christmas ornaments. The flame on the candle ornament is the same yarn as M's Police Line Scarf. And the green sparkly yarn is also leftover from a Christmas stocking. It's nice to tie the old to the new.

Also, I am a big fan of the "everything but the squeal" method of knitting. So, single skeins get made into small projects. Partial skeins get made into even smaller projects. Small bits of yarn get made into even small projects... or stripes. And then what's left either goes onto the magic ball or into the yarn snip jar, depending on its length.

I think I'm probably at the point that I should start knitting this magic ball. I've been working on it for several years. It has all different weights of yarn, but I will be carrying it along with a solid color anyway, so that won't matter much. And I just joined the yarn lengths together with overhand knots. So there will be texture to whatever I knit from it. That's for sure.

Texture is character. Remember that.

The yarn snip jar--nee jalapeno jar--is about half full now. So, I am getting close to making a yarn bowl, too. I'm kind of excited about experimenting with that.

I'm not putting any more yarn snips out for the birds because the snobby birds around here do not appreciate my colorful yarn. I put some on the "front porch" of the birdhouse last year and the wren that lives there kicked it off into the yard.

I'm pretty sure I heard a chirpy little "You're tacky and I hate you!" coming from inside the birdhouse, too.

Effin birds. I'm not the one with a license plate roof.


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