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Thursday, March 21, 2013

As Long As He's Got His Suit And Tie...

...or his Santa hat.

Big thanks to JT for modelling this. It's my 11th Advent Ornament. This is Frankie Brown's Hat Ornament. Like all the other Advent Ornaments I've done, this is done with scrap yarn.

This photo shoot was more difficult than you might imagine, since JT was involved. Oh, it was no fault of Justin's, though. He was a pro. But someone was a little jealous.

The mad photobomber strikes again!

If you'll remember, the whole reason for getting JT was because Achilles didn't want to model for my blog any more.

In the end, I had to fire Justin. And here is Achilles, back in the spotlight. Good thing he's wearing his tux.

BTW, I still have not found my DPNs, so I ended up making a trip to Michael's to get these. And a whole bag of other things. But that's another blog post.


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