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Saturday, March 23, 2013

UFO: Rhombi Scarf

Home alone on a Saturday night gives me plenty of time to cast on to a new project. That's right. My life is so exciting I am sitting and knitting in front of the tv on a Saturday night.

And liking it.

This is called Rhombi Scarf. It's a Christmas gift.

I chose Bernat Satin for this because it's such a soft, shiny yarn. I think it will really accent the geometric design on this scarf. The color is Admiral, which is what I would call Navy. I'm using #7s instead of the #9s recommended because I tend to knit a bit loose. I'm right on gauge, making this scarf about 6" wide.

This is a really clever pattern. It looks complex, but it's actually pretty easy. Not easy to memorize, mind you. It has 3 charts with 28-40 lines in each chart. I'm good. But I'm not that good.

I love the way the combination of knit and purl stitches (and that's all it is, knit and purl) make this look almost like cable-bordered diamonds. And it's reversible.



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