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Monday, April 01, 2013

Not Knitting: Experimentation

I tried something new today. I thought I'd share it with you. A little backstory:

A while back, I was looking at some craft videos on YouTube. (I think I was watching something about making a fringe scarf, but that's another story.) And you know how you link from one video to another to another and pretty soon, you've spent hours watching videos? Okay. That kind of a day.

One of the videos I watch was of this woman hot gluing beads together to make these absolutely lovely vintage-looking brooches. She made it look so easy! And I thought, "I can totally make those!"

So I got my glue gun and my beads and went to work. The first thing you do is glue five beads in a circle. The trick is not to get glue everywhere.

Nailed it!

A little better on the second try. Once the beads are together, you hot glue short lengths of beaded cord to the joints and then add a final bead.

I think I might add a pin back to these. They remind me of those brooches women wore everywhere in the 50's.


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