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Thursday, April 11, 2013

FO: Advent Ornament #15, Bells

Another sittin'-on-my-ass project. Christmas Bells, my 15th Advent Ornament.

As with all the other ornaments, this one is done with scrap yarn. Gold again, because that's what I can reach from my couch and because I want to add a little gold into the reds and greens of the Advent Garland.

These bells are knit flat and seamed in back, with minimal shaping, so they are fast, fast, fast to knit. You could probably knock a million of these out in an evening. Or, a dozen. Whatever.

I would like to add jingle bells (once I am off this @#$%* couch and can get some) so they are functional. Because how many times have you said to yourself, "I need some Christmas ornaments that actually work like the items they are supposed to represent."?


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