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Friday, April 19, 2013

Dyeing To Tell You About This

Hey, that joke's never gettin' old!

I enjoyed my first dyeing experience so much I decided to do it again. This time, I used a smaller hank, wound a little more loosely. Same glass bowl, since I don't have a non-metal casserole dish of any decent size.

I also took a little more care with the dyes. For one thing, I didn't add any extra vinegar/water and made sure the yarn was just damp. Then, after I poured the dyes onto the yarn, I mushed the dye into the yarn with a spoon. (Not my finger, like last time, so I didn't end up with dyed fingers. Like last time. See? I'm nothing, if not teachable.)

Still, there was quite a bit of bleeding. These dyes are blue, yellow, green (in that order). I thought I would get some really good variegation going that way, but the blue mostly disappeared.

It's okay, though. It's like knitting--there are no mistakes, only surprises. What? You never heard that saying before? Hm.

I do really love this yarn's color. It's very happy. It reminds me of something tropical. Like a parrot. Or a rain forest. Or... I don't know. There's something I'm thinking of that's just eluding me right now.


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