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Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Cake Lovin'... Cupcakes!

Yesterday was my third cake decorating class. We worked on cupcakes.

This was a frustrating class for me because we got there late. Well, not late. Right at 5 o'clock. But I prefer to get there at least 15 minutes early so I can set up my equipment, get my workspace organized, my frosting colored, and my bags and tips ready.

But, I was late getting out of work. I had to pack up my tips and frosting at home. (Which, granted, I should have done before, but I had planned to have an hour between work and class.) And I had to mix up some frosting to use. So, M and I walked in just as class was beginning.

And it threw us off the whole night. I felt like I was struggling to catch up. When everyone was practicing their shells, I was still trying to find that tip. And when everyone was doing "shaggy mums" I was still working on drop flowers.

The importance of being prepared, people.

Anyway, we went through a bunch of different techniques and I tried to practice them all on my cupcakes.

You can see my rosettes, pom-pom flowers, swirls, swirled stars, and shaggy mum. (I'll let you guess which one that is.) I wanted to go back and add some leaves to my cupcakes, especially the rosettes. But I ran out of time.

As it was, we were the last to pack up our stuff and leave the classroom. Sigh. Next week is our final class. We are doing another cake. I have no thoughts as to what I will do. I'm hoping some inspiration will come to me in the next day or so.


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