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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FO: Ginger Man

Sorry. No. You're just kind of brown.

I was talking about a different kind of gingerman, anyway. This kind:

This is the latest Advent Ornament. It, like all the others, is made from scrap yarn. (Because I am nothing, if not fiscally and ecologically responsible.) It's the Gingerbread Man from Frankie Brown.

Like most of these ornaments, it's knitted flat and then the pieces are sewn together. I tend to knit about ten times faster when I'm knitting flat, so this went pretty quickly. I use a tiny bit of black yarn, as the pattern calls for, for his eyes and mouth. I was hoping they would look like raisins, maybe? And a tiny bit of red crochet chain for his bow.

Almost finished with this Advent Garland! What do you think, Achilles?


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