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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Patwoman Plays Games

Here's some excitement. So you know T and I own a game store, right? Well, yesterday, we had a very special guest in our store.

Peter Adkison, the owner of... wait for it.... Gencon (!!!!)

Not only did he stop by, but he played at our store. AND I RAN THE GAME!!! Do you see the awesomeness of this? I ran a game--a game I wrote--for a group of gamers that included the owner of the biggest, most awesome game convention in the world and one of the founding fathers of modern gaming.


I ran an adventure I wrote for the Supernatural game system. Yeah, I know it's out of print now, but I still like the mechanics and the universe. Too bad, because I've written a bunch of "episodes" for this game system, just for personal use.

The game went really well. It was a lot of fun. Besides Peter, T and R played, (M had an important meeting that I will be telling you about later, hopefully) and our friends Dave, Rock, and Randy. Everyone had a great time. Especially me.

Here's a group shot. You can probably tell which one I am.


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