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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wait... How Many Sides On A 4-Sided Die?

Math. Eh.

I started making the triangles for a knitted 4-sided die when I had this sudden, overwhelming OMG moment: Holy crap! These are triangles! Not 4-sided... Oh. Never mind.

You're probably wondering why someone would make knitted dice in the first place. I mean, obviously they're not going to roll randomly. And they probably won't hurt much if you wing them at unruly players.

Which is why I keep my baseball-sized D20 next to me when I GM. JK. I don't wing it at players. It would probably knock them unconscious and cause serious scarring if I did. Providing I could actually hit them. I do throw like a two year old. Unlike T, who has the genetic ability to hit whatever he throws at, without looking, without really even trying. And to hit it dead-on with such force as to stun whatever he hits. That's German precision, there. He gets it from his mother.

Don't get me wrong. T doesn't whip dice at players, either. Because he wouldn't. (I would, but it would just be ineffective.)

Anyway, I just thought the dice were cute, knitted up, and that they would make cute little gifts. As much as he loves Dr. Who, I really don't think T would really like a Doctor doll. (Although, you an I can agree, the Doctor is a doll! Am I right?) But he may appreciate some knitted dice.

As for me, I'm thinking if I knit these with something harder, heavier...


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