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Friday, May 03, 2013

Robot Yarn! Yes!

Not really. It's just metallic yarn. It's Patons Metallic. I have wanted to knit something with this yarn ever since I first saw it. But, you know, it's metallic and shiny, so you've got to be careful with what you knit or else you run the risk of funfurring.

Not that there is anything wrong with Fun Fur. I, myself, have knit about a hundred Fun Fur scarves and let me tell you, they are fun. Fun to wear. Fun to knit. Fun to look at. I don't care what the yarn snobs say. There is place for Fun Fur in the knitting universe.

But, you know what I mean. With a yarn like this, less is probably more. So I decided to knit the Suzette Tubular Necklace from Andi Javori of Javori Designs. You can find this pattern on the Tahki Stacy Charles website. I've wanted to knit this pattern since I first saw it, but didn't have the perfect yarn for it.

Now I do.

The pattern is super, super easy. Really the only thing I had difficulty with was the damn long tail cast on, which I hate, but everyone else loves. Plus, you have to keep threading the yarn through the eye on the toggle ring, which is a pain in the butt. But, my necklace will be secure. Oh, and I went down to a size 1 needle because I tend to knit fairly loosely and I wanted the finished necklace to look the way it's supposed to.

These yarns are Gold and Metallic Orange. Patons has a bunch of other Metallic colors, including a really lovely blue one, which sorely tempted me. But I went with Orange (kind of bronzy,really) and Gold, because those are the colors M said she likes.

This is going to look really sharp once it's finished and seamed up the side. I think this would look equally great with a collared shirt or a scoop neck sweater or a v-neck t-shirt. I may have to make another one for myself.

Hm. Maybe with that Metallic Blue.


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