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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Time To Get The Garden Going

Past time, really. But we've had such weird weather this year. It was cold for much longer than it should have been.

My dad always said it would not be unheard of to have snow in April. And, of course, I always shrugged that off, because it's usually pretty nice here by the end of March or before. But this year it did snow in April, more than once.

Seriously. Every time it snows in April I can hear my dad's voice from beyond the grave, telling me he told me so.

Plus, this knee injury forces me to rely on other people to do things like dig the holes. Combine that with my work schedule, and I don't have a lot of time to get the garden going.

But today, I went out and bought 8 well-established tomato plants to get started. T moved the volunteer bush that planted itself in the middle of my garden bed. (A pretty nice bush, actually. I have three more adults in my yard and two more volunteers that need to be moved because they are too close to my patio.) And we rented a tiller.

Hopefully, we will get all this done today and I can get some more plants and get them in the ground tomorrow before it's supposed to rain. I have a lot of plans for sun-dried tomatoes and homemade salsa this year.


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