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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Suzette Is Tubular

You probably don't remember that phrase, tubular, do you? It's was a thing in the eighties. I never said that, trust me. No one I knew said it. I never heard anyone in real life say something was tubular, either. But people on TV said it.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there.

What I wanted to show you was the finished Suzette Tubular Necklace.

It's a quick, easy knit. The only thing I think I would do differently is use yarns with a little more contrast. The Patons Metallic Gold and Metallic Orange just don't contrast enough with each other to give that "beaded" look on the original. But these were the colors M picked out, so I think she'll be happy with it anyway.

Metallic is only metallic on the outside of the yarn, by the way. I learned that by accidentally splitting the yarn with the needle tip. It's actually black on the inside, covered by metallic thread. And the yarn is pretty splitty. It reminds me a lot of LB Microspun in that way.

Still, the gold and orange (which is really more bronze) worked with each other and the black interior in an unexpected way. The finished necklace has an antique-y look to it, like burnished brass.

The colors also do not pick up well on the camera. Here's the best picture I got, and I don't think you can really see the color well. It's lighter than this picture even.

This one will go in the Christmas Box for M.


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