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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tales From Patwoman's Mailbag

Dear Gentle Readers,

As you know, from time to time I get emails from readers who want to know more about the mystery, wrapped in an enigma, and covered in secret sprinkles that is Patwoman. I, as always, am happy to answer your questions.

Dear Patwoman,
What the hell? You've written a blog post every day this year. Don't you have a job any more?
Concerned About How You're Going To Afford To Live

Dear Concerned About Things That Are None Of Your Business,
Yes, I assure you, I still have a job and, in fact, have only gotten busier and busier. I am in no danger of not being able to afford to live. The reason I have been posting daily is that I am honoring our relationship. Like all relationships, ours must be nurtured and loved, and we must show it the attention it deserves. When I post every day, I am saying "I care about you."



Dear Patwoman,
Are you sure it's not just a product of overdeveloped ego?

Dear Skeptical,
Of course not. I'm just that good of a person. So good, in fact that I do all of this for you.


Dear Patwoman,
A lot of your posts aren't even about knitting. I come here for knitting info and you're prattling on about robots and zombies. Meanwhile, I know you have some knitting patterns you've created that you could be sharing with us. Why not expend some effort getting those patterns posted and forget about robopocalypse and zombiepocalypse?
Looking For Knitting In All The Wrong Places

Dear Wrong Looking,
This blog has never been about knitting, exclusively. You know that. This blog is more about a peek into the Magical World of Patwoman. Oh, and the robopocalypse and zombiepocalypse? They're coming. So you'd better not forget about them.


Dear Patwoman,
I really like your blog. You're freakin' hilarious. How do you think up ideas for daily blog posts?

Dear Curious,
I like to talk about knitting. I'm always working on something, or have just finished something, or I'm getting ready to cast on something, so that's a lot of material, right there. And I have a lot of other interests, like jewelry making, cooking, games, and movies. I've got three pretty photogenic cats (one of which I'm pretty sure is a genius, transformed by a wizard spell to look like a cat--or a wizard who just prefers cat form) and a happy-to-help dog. They all love to photobomb model for the camera. Plus, I am a writer. So if I don't have anything to write about, I just make up some fake emails and then answer them.

Your friend always, Patwoman


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