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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cake! Cake! Cake!

So I made a cake for our game night. I probably shouldn't be having cake at all, since I went on a shameful frosting binge twice this week.

Is it bad to eat two cups of frosting in one sitting? No? Okay, then.

This cake is a double dark chocolate cake, covered in a raspberry buttercream frosting. And, OMG, it is delicious. I have to admit, I ate quite a bit of this frosting, too.

I did kind of phone it in on the decorating. You can see it's not all that smooth. And I put the ginormous star tip on so I could get that bottom border done quickly. Sadly, I wasn't left with much frosting in the bag after that, for decorating.

And someone had eaten all the white and green frosting I had made earlier this week for the flowers.

So I just did a little splooge on the top. Not my best decorating job. But that just means we cut the cake quicker. Once you get three or four pieces out of it, it looks the same as a well-decorated cake with three or four pieces out of it.


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