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Thursday, April 17, 2014


And I don't want to hear about from you, okay? I know I still need to finish Red Riding Slippers. But I have all the knitting done. And I still have yarn. And I still want to knit.

Not seam.

So, I've cast on for a different pair of slippers. These are the Moscow Slippers, also from Drops. They are for Bre. Same yarn on the bottom, because I love this color. And because I have enough of this to do another pair of slippers. And because this color matches a ball of Symphony that I have for the upper part of this slipper.

Here's what I've done so far. Pretty straight forward, huh?

Well, not really. This pattern has more of the "do this and at the same time do this," just like the other one, so you've got to watch it. But if you read the pattern carefully before you start, you'll be fine. It's all garter stitch and the toe is made using short rows. Like simple short rows. Nothing fancy. The pattern even links to an instructional video, if you feel uncomfortable with it.

I didn't, so I trudged ahead and knit away at this while watching some crap on late-night tv. The thing is, as it is with any pattern, you need to pay attention to what row you are on. Like, if you just glance down at the pattern every now and then and you aren't really watching what you're doing, you might skip the part that says "Knit until 3/4 inch long" and jump ahead to a different part that says "Knit until 3 1/2 inches long."

You can see how that would cause a problem, right? Ask me how I know.


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