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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

December Sky

The thing I hate about winter, outside of the cold, (Or maybe even more than the cold, really.) is the grey-ness of everything. The colored leaves of fall are gone. The grass is dead, or near dead. (Even the green grass is a faded, dull green now.) The ground is mud. The trees are sticks. And the sky...

The sky is so grey.

It's like the sky has just given up. Like it can't manage blue any more. Grey. Grey is all you get.

It makes everything look dull and lifeless. Makes the whole day bleak. Seriously, when I got up this morning the sky was this color. The same color it is now at 4 pm. Bleh.

No wonder people wear those ugly Christmas sweaters. They're just trying to put some life into the day.


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