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Friday, January 02, 2015

FO: Ribs 'n Cables Beanie

My first FO of the year: Ribs 'n Cables Beanie.

This is a great pattern. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted a good, warm hat that was easy and quick to knit, but also had some details to make it interesting. This would be a good hat for men or women, or for teens. Or for a gift exchange where you didn't know the gender of the recipient. Or the size. This hat is really stretchy.

I used Purl Essence Sincerely in Sincerely Charcoal Grey because I made this for a man. But this would be a fantastic hat in a different colorway. Imagine this in white. Or red. Or burnt orange. Or sage. You could totally knit this hat for every person on your list and have it be a very different hat.

Plus, you could wear this hat either with a folded brim for extra ear warmth or semi-slouchy if you're a hipster. (Check out my artistic photos, btw. That's one of my goals this year, to take better photos for my blog. As you can see, in this photo, Alpha Male is looking off into the distance, contemplating his life choices.)

Now, back to work on the Winter Is Coming Scarf for T.


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