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Saturday, July 11, 2015

More Tablecloth Progress

...but when will it end?

I have been making good progress on the tablecloth lately. Yes, the tablecloth that was supposed to be done at the beginning of May. Sigh. I guess I underestimated:

1) How fast I could knit it
2) How many stitches it is. (Good God! There are a lot of stitches!)
3) How much time I had to devote solely to knitting it.

I have progressed to the second to last stopping point. So, technically, I could just make this a table topper instead of a whole cloth and I'd be okay. But, you know, in for a penny; in for a pound, I always say. So I soldier on.

This is going to be so pretty when it is done. So pretty.

When it is finally done.


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