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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Game Night FO: 1984 Redux

Now that the holidays are over and everyone's schedule has opened back up a bit, our game nights are back on. I have to admit, I've been missing the Sunday rpg.

As you know, I always knit something while we play. It keeps me from being disruptive when it's not my turn. And lately, I've been working through my massive pile of partial skeins. So this scarf kills two birds with one stone. (Not that I advocate the killing of birds with any object.)

These partial skeins had no labels at all, so I couldn't begin to tell you what they are. I think maybe the orange and gold ones were from the Jayne hats, but who knows? The tan yarn is LB Homespun for sure, but beyond that, all I can tell you is orange, gold, tan, and brown.

This is a drop stitch scarf on #13 needles, and finished with pompons of all four yarns. I'm calling it the 1984 Redux because it is exactly the same color as the shag carpeting in our first apartment the year we were married.

Yep. That's right. Shag carpeting.


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