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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Goodwill Hunting (Again)

M and I always enjoy our trips to Goodwill. We find a lot of useful stuff there. M loves to get purses and lamps. She is an expert at finding a designer purse for $3 or a mercury glass lamp for $5. My favorite thing to find is 100% wool sweaters, either for felting or for reclaiming the yarn.

I will teach myself to dye yarn this year. I will. Stop laughing.

Sometimes, though, the shopping trip is less shopping and more entertainment. We like to imagine the previous owners of items and the reasons they gave the item away.

Like this mask. This is easy.

Obviously, the person who previously owned this was a crimefighter of some sort. I'm guessing he also owned a multi-billion dollar technology company. The only reason I can think of to give this away is if Tony Stark that person had made an equipment upgrade.

This one, I'm guessing, belonged to an eccentric old lady who owned several Cadillac dealerships and dabbled in the occult on the side. And, she didn't actually donate this piece to Goodwill. Through some terrible freak Ouija Board accident, her spirit was magically transferred into the item. Her heirs--upon finding her slumped over in the midst of a circle of candles--assumed she was dead, claimed her estate, and cleared out all of the spiritualist paraphernalia she had collected over the years.

This mask, though... I have no idea why someone would give away something so completely awesome.

And there were two of them!


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