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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some Of My Own Ornaments

This lovely snowman from my Rav swap partner has joined the Christmas memories on my tree.

You can see several of my own hand-knitted ornaments, too. Like this bell.

I made it several years ago, so I don't remember which pattern I used. I'm pretty sure you can find one like it on the internet, though. It's done with short rows and each bell takes about half an hour to complete. I put a jingle bell inside this one, which was probably a mistake, since it now bears strong resemblance to a cat toy.

Or you can make one of these from this pattern.

These lace ornaments are not an original idea. I don't really have a pattern for them, but I will tell you exactly how they are made.

This one is a garter stitch square. I cast on about 15 stitches on a largish needle with crochet cotton and knitted a square. Bind off. Put a glass ornament inside and draw the square up around it, stretching the stitches a bit. Thread some ribbon through the top and tie in as fancy a bow as you like.
This one is a drop stitch ornament. Three rows knit all stitches; one row K1, *YO, K1; next row knit, but drop all the YOs. Repeat this pattern until the piece is long enough to cover your ornament with a little left at the top and bottom.

The construction's a little different, too. It's knitted flat, then seamed into a tube. I threaded ribbon through the top and the bottom and tied a bow at each end.

These lace ornaments are fun and quick and highly customizable. They're also a great way to give life to some ornaments that may be looking a little old.


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