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Monday, November 12, 2012

Chapter 1: Patwoman Takes A Much Needed Break From Work

I have been working so much lately that I am not getting much of anything else done. The Christmas knitting is way behind. The writing is not happening. And the house definitely does not look like a place the family will gather next week.


Yesterday, I took most of the day off and spent it with M. I needed the break and I miss our weekly shopping expeditions. (I have taken an hour here and there to shop, out of necessity, but nothing like the all-day Goodwill-Craft Store-Hardware Store safaris M and I used to do regularly.)

M wanted to go to Toys R Us. I don't know why she wanted to go to Toys R Us on a weekend day. That seemed like a suicide mission to me, but, oh well. She was looking for some plastic dinosaurs. I amused myself while she shopped by helping Toys R Us merchandise their shelves.

"What? Something's behind me? Very funny, Brad. You know I'm not going to fall for that again."

"Overthrow your human oppressors! Break free of your cage! Stand on your feet and say to the man: I am not afraid of the knock on the door. I am the knock on the door!"

Mr. Rabbit never acknowledged the uncanny resemblance his youngest child bore to their next door neighbor, Mr. Cat. But he did cut way back on business trips and weekend golf outings.

The cat theme carried over into our Goodwill trip.

I made the comment to M that apparently Hoarders must have done a show at some crazy cat lady's house and brought all the stuff here. She replied, "Yeah, and you bought it all."

Which is totally not true. The only cat-themed things I bought were:

Cat frame to frame a picture of my cat. (I do not own a single other cat frame, just to be clear.)

I also bought a T-shirt with a cat face on it for $1. I will not be wearing a cat T-shirt, FYI. I am going to experiment with turning it into a knitting bag.

And I purchased this, because it was amusing. I'm going to put a candle in the center, so it looks like all the cats are gathered around the fire. Imagine it:

Tuffy Furbottom, you have violated cat law, and by the unanimous vote of The Cat Council, you must leave The Circle never to return. The Cat Council has spoken.

We made a few other stops, but all this cat-tery had me in a mood to pet my cat.

He was ok with that.


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