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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Not Knitting: Rings

I learned to make wire rings at Gencon this year. It was really cool. The CATS ladies who taught the dichroic glass class were so very generous with teaching their skills.

I made this one while I was there, to match the dichroic bracelet I made this year (and the dichroic necklace from last year). It was really quick and easy and looks so sharp!

It was so easy and fun, in fact, that I was showing it to everyone. "Hey, look what I made!" The only thing I really didn't love about this project was the realization of how fat my fingers actually are. I guessed my ring size to be much smaller than what it actually is. Like two and a half times smaller.

Fat little sausage fingers.
Sad face.

Now, I didn't have a ring mandrel at home yet, so I used a big fat wooden knitting needle that I thought would be just the right size for a child's ring. And I made this one for my niece. I don't have a small child to model this, so here it is in my hand. I used a clear bicone bead in the center and two red seed beads on the sides.

But then I bought a mandrel so I could do rings for myself. I made this one today.


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