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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shopping Trip: Bag O' Yarn

Here's a nice little Bag O' Yarn I got on a recent Goodwill trip. It's a child's bag--maybe from some toy or something, but someone has used it as a knitting bag. (Kinda cool, since it is clear.)

This thing looked like a bunch of sport weight yarn that I really didn't know what I would do with. I almost it back on the shelf. But it was marked $2, and it was Half Off Day. When I unzipped it and poked around in it a little, I could see at least two full skeins of yarn, plus some other. And it looked as though there was a UFO in the bag, which I thought I could just frog for the yarn.

Then, I notice a couple of stitch holders in the bottom of the bag and that really sealed the deal for me. I can always use stitch holders, right? For a dollar, you can't go wrong.

Once at home, I pulled everything out of this bag. The project is this argyle sweater or vest. Nothing I would wear, of course. But it's really nicely knit. The stitches are all even and the carries are not too tight across the back. How can I frog this?

(It only looks rumpled, btw, because it was all crushed up in this bag.)

I'm thinking of frogging back only far enough to make an even square, then binding off. Instant (or almost instant) pillow front. I may knit a plain back for it, using the remaining yarn.

Here's the rest of what was in the bag: more yarn for this sweater, some random pink crochet thread that had some kind of crochet circle going on but no crochet hook, three stitch holders, a package of sewing needles, about a yard of pink satin ribbon, and one knitting needle.

(You can't see all of it, but there is another full ball of blue yarn, full ball of white, and a partial blue.)

Kind of random, yeah. But I'm still happy with it.


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