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Monday, August 20, 2012

So Ends Another Gencon

Ah, Gencon. I miss you already.

This year was even better than last. Had a fabulous time playtesting new games and playing some old favorites. Got to see some old friends. Got to meet some new friends. Talked to a lot of designers, distributors, writers, and artists. Saw some movies. Bought a lot of games. Bought a lot of art.

T and I spent a lot of time talking with Larry Elmore. As you know, Larry is the fantasy artist. If you think right now of a fantasy-type magazine cover or book cover, you're thinking of a Larry Elmore work. Or someone who was influenced by him, at least. When T and I were first dating, we spent a lot of time reading Dragonlance and Dragon and D&D books. So, naturally, we feel a strong personal attachment to his work, too.

I've gotta say, he is such a great guy. Very genuine. We bought several classic pieces for the walls of our store, but I am definitely getting some of his personal works for myself.

Larry also appears in the web series, The Brothers Barbarian, which I told you about last year. Season One was a success and they are working on Season Two. I can't wait.

If you have not watched The Brothers Barbarian, please do. We met Tim (Art) and Ken (Russ) last year. They're great and it's obvious they're having a great time doing this. Besides Larry, the web series also includes the author Margaret Weis of Dragonlance fame.

I picked up two of Margaret's new books, one of which was co-written with Tracy Hickman. Talked with Margaret a little about the writing process, which was very interesting. I love to talk with people about how they do what they do, and she was very straightforward about it.

I was sad that I missed Hickman's Killer Breakfast this year because T and I had to be at the new store site. Killer Breakfast one of the big treats of Gencon. Tracy and Laura Hickman DM an adventure that about 200 characters participate in. Of course, that's not as unwieldy as it sounds. They pretty much just kill everyone off in the most hilarious ways. People try to stay in the game as long as possible and come up with some really ingenious tactics. And Tracy kills them anyway.

I secretly want to participate as a character. But I'm just not clever enough to keep up with the humor. Ha!

I played a lot of games, too. I'll give you some mini-reviews here this week. And I made some jewelry. (Of course.) I'll show you some of those pictures, too. Did not get my picture taken with any of the celebs, sadly. But I had to be in several places at once, including at the new store site, so I just wasn't able to get that in.

Too bad, too. Wil Wheaton was one of the guests. Remember how he was shopping at every vendor booth I went to at Origins? What? No. It's not stalking. Not when it's done out of true appreciation for his work. What? It is stalking? No kidding?


And, btw, why didn't I get pictures of all the folks I talked to? I guess I just got all caught up in talking and it completely slipped my mind.


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