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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fuzzy Navel Scarf

I was so happy with the outcome of the Chocolate Covered Cherry Scarf that I decided to make another. Behold, the Fuzzy Navel Scarf--so called because of the color and texture.

Four different yarns again. This is more of the Soft Pink Caron Perfect Match, the Yarn Bee peach colored yarn, some Lion Brand Fun Fur in Ivory, and I Love This Yarn Yellow (left over from M's Police Line Scarf).

By the way, let me say that this kind of scarf is perfect for using that single skein of Fun Fur or half skein of some other yarn. I like a long scarf--5' or more--and I used about 60 yards of each. Great way to combine textures, too. The pink and yellow are both smooth yarns, the peach is a soft, fuzzy yarn. And Fun Fur is an eyelash yarn. And they all worked very well together, I think.

Again, simple garter stitch with the Size 50s. I think four yarns and a large stitch gives this scarf enough interest that it doesn't need a fancy stitch. And it works up so quickly that I was able to do this one in about an hour and a half. This would be a good way, I think, to make up a bunch of nice-looking gift scarves in a short period of time.


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