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Saturday, August 25, 2012

People Watching At Sam's Club

So, the other day I was sitting in the parking lot at Sam's Club, waiting on T to finish loading the trunk. (That's what I do. I say "Wow. It's hot. I'll get the AC running." And then I get inside and start the car and he loads everything into the trunk. Clever, eh?) Anyway, sitting there gave me the opportunity to observe what I hope is not a representative chunk of humanity.

Disclaimer: I did not take any pictures of these people because I thought it was a bit creepy to be taking pictures of strangers in the Sam's Club parking lot. Way creepier than blogging about it to strangers later.

First, and I know I say it all the time and I promise I'm not a grouchy old lady in real life, the parking lot is not a playground. It's not safe for kids to play in. You need to watch your kids. Don't let them run way ahead or lag way behind. Don't let them weave in between cars or especially duck down behind them. It kills me the way some people are so careless with their little kids.

Secondly, I want to say to everyone out there that there is no shield of invisibility in the parking lot of Sam's Club. Whatever you do there can be seen by anyone who is looking. I'm talking to you, guy with one hand on the shopping cart and one hand down the front of your pants. Seriously. What are you digging for?

Also, I'm curious about the guy in the suit who came out of the store with a leather (or leather-look) desk blotter and a 6-pack of tidy whitey underwear. What do you suppose is going on in his office?

It's not all bad at Sam's Club, though. While I was standing in line inside, I checked out the groceries of the woman behind me. Chicken breasts, carrots, raspberries, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, water, whole grain bread, bananas. I don't think I've ever seen anyone shop like that. I was impressed.

I turned away quickly so I didn't see the look of disgust on her face when she saw my cartload of snack items.


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