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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not Knitting: More Glass

On Saturday at Gencon, M and I took another Dichroic Glass Pendant class. This time, R's gf, B, joined us. B hadn't worked with dicro (See how cool I am? So cool I don't use the whole word. I call it dicro now.) and M and I were looking forward to making another two pendants.

M was a little disappointed that they chose not to offer the pink glass that she had admired in their finished samples. But the green glass was pretty and they also allowed us to do a clear one instead of black, if we wanted. So it all worked out just fine.

Here are some in-progress pictures of M

and B

Look what a good time they are having! I was having a good time, too. But there are no pictures of me. Why? Because I can't take my own picture. It's a fact. And because, even if I could take my own picture, that picture would be of me, hunched dangerously close to the table so I can see the tiny pieces of glass I'm working with.

Did I mention I desperately need to wear glasses?

I did, however, take some pix of my pendants as I was putting the glass shards on. Most people cut the glass, planned out their piece, then glued it all down. Not Patwoman. Nope. Just cut, glue. Cut. Glue. Planning is for the indecisive.

It takes forever my way, by the way. Probably should've planned the piece out first.

Here is what they looked like when I was finished. They are all packed in their box, ready to be fired. I am eagerly looking forward to getting these back.

Seriously. Look how awesome they are!


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