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Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday FO: Starflakes

Well, they are kind of a FO. They still have to dry. I'm going to count them as FOs, though, because I'm done with what I have to do to them.

This is the Starflaked knitted snowflake pattern from Victoria Smith. Found it on Ravelry. I wanted to do some knitted snowflake ornaments to give to R and M this year and to put some more ornaments on my tree. (You can never have too many ornaments, you know.) And Starflaked is great pattern. It's simple, quick, and looks way more complicated and fancy than it is.

Really, the only thing about these that causes me any problem at all is that very first row on dpns. I find it mildly annoying to cast on 6 stitches over 3 needles--size 1 needles!--with crochet thread.

Gracie says "Language, lady. Tsk."

But it's really only mild annoyance. And it's really only that first row. Besides, if you've done socks, you can handle these snowflakes. They are not even as complicated as turning the heel on a sock.

I did the first one in about 2 hours. It probably would have gone quicker if I were wearing glasses.

Here's what it looked like halfway through.

You'll notice the cut ends hanging off the points. There are two ways to do these individual points. One: you can do what I did and cut the yarn when you finish one of the points, and then reattach it when you start the next one. And two: you can use a crochet hook to chain down the side of the point and then pick up working the next point from there.

I highly recommend you use the second method. It's just so much nicer to only have to weave in the start and end pieces, instead of 12 separate threads.

So that's what I did when I made the second one. Chaining down the side is the way to go, folks.

Also, I used size 4 dpns on this second one, with the same crochet thread. Big difference there. Less swearing, for one thing.

It's hard to tell from this picture, because it's not yet blocked, but the larger needles really helped the lacy look of the snowflake. So I think I like this one a little more.

Here they are, side by side, blocked and stiffened and drying.

By the way, I used Plaid brand Stiffy to stiffen these because I am, at heart, a 12-year-old. I was giggling my butt off about my Stiffy. Ha!


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