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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So Tiny And Tasty

Have you seen Lion Brand's new product, Bonbons?

It's a package of tiny skeins of yarn for use in tiny projects. Very cute. And the title is pretty appropriate. Bonbons. That's like something small and cute enough to eat, right?

Just so you know, I don't eat yarn any more.

Anyway, I haven't gotten these yet because... well, because they're tiny little skeins of yarn and it runs about $8.99 a pack. Sorry. I have a million tiny little skeins leftover from some other stuff. And the patterns LB has put out for them are not... Well, come one. Don't we all know how to make a pompon or change colors to make a stripe?

But I really want to buy them. So, hey, Lion Brand, maybe you could come up with a really clever way of marketing them? Like creating some tiny Christmas ornament patterns with them and package them together as a kit? Or tiny baby shower favors? Or Easter Basket favors? Or amigurumi?

A while back, I was given a bunch of little skeins in a plastic bag. This bag came, I think, from a child's knitting kit or something. I'm going to be using this yarn to make some small Christmas ornaments like sweaters and stockings and mitts.

Stay tuned.


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