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Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday To T

Yes, our birthdays are so close together that we might as well just be one person. We do, actually, celebrate our birthdays together on one day. This year, we celebrated on Sunday. We went to Kabuto for hibachi (which I love… seriously. Dinner and a show. How can you go wrong with that?) and then we went home for presents.

No cake because—well, at least one of us doesn’t really need to eat any more cake. (It’s me.) Also, we are home so little since moving the store, it just seemed wasteful to get a cake that would sit around while we weren’t home.

Lots of great gifts from the kids. I wish I’d taken pictures of the fantastic wrapping job M did. Very creative and very pretty. And one of my gifts was in Batman wrapping, so how can you get any better? And R gifted us with a gift certificate for dinner and the offer to cover the shift so we could actually go out!

Sadly, I didn’t knit anything for T’s birthday, although I had plans to. I just had no time. At this point, I’m a little concerned about the Christmas Knitting.

I did get T this great T-shirt, though. Love!


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