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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Shopping Trip: Goodwill Humor

You never know what you are going to find at Goodwill. (Unless you are with M. Then you know you will find something absolutely fabulous. She has a gift, I tell you.)

I was at one of the local Goodwill shops, just looking around, when I happened upon this on a shelf. It's Ulysses S. Grant, beheaded, next to Abraham Lincoln's head on a silver platter. Clearly someone is trying to send a message to us Yankees.

This shot is not staged, btw. I moved a red thing that was in the picture so the picture would be uncluttered, but this scenario is just as I found it. That's not my sense of humor, anyway. If I staged the shot, I would have simply replaced Grant's head with a Transformer head. That would have been hilarious!

I did end up finding these steel crochet hooks while I was there, too. How lucky is that? I was just talking about them a few days ago.

Talk about synchronicity.


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