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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

String Of Beads

Happy New Year. I thought I might surprise you all by posting about a FO on my first post of the year.


This is a knitted necklace called String Of Beads. It’s a free pattern—at least this month, if you are a member of the Yahoo Groups Holiday Mystery Gifts Group. I was just looking to knit something quick to keep my hands busy for an hour or so. This seemed like a good candidate.

It uses just a small bit of yarn, so I thought it would be good to use some of the novelty type yarns that I have bits of. Here it is in Caron Jewel Box Obsidian, which is actually two strands of slightly different colored chenille and one variegated strand of some kind of thread-weight yarn. The waves of this pattern and the garter stitch gave this a nice, plush, chunky look. If I'd had more of this yarn, I might have made this longer so that I could double loop it around my neck.

Then I tried it with a fine yarn, Patons Lacette on smaller needles. Very
different result. This was light and airy looking, with a nice, soft halo. I almost wished I had strung some pearls on this yarn before knitting. But, then I remembered I had some pearly pony beads. So with a little (gentle) forcing, I threaded the beads over the knitted waves into the spaces between. I think it looks great.

I didn't scientifically measure the amount of yarn I used, but it was about 35 yards of Jewel Box (this necklace hits me right at the solar plexus) and maybe 20 of the Lacette (this one goes just beneath the collar bone).

I’m thinking this is a great pattern for quick gifts (if you know people who would wear a knitted necklace. I would, but I’m not sure I know anyone else). But it is a quick knit and can be customized in so many different ways. I could see this with hemp yarn and wooden beads. Or silky black yarn with black or clear beads. Or this same white Lacette yarn with crystal beads. Or pale blue crystals. Or even a gold metallic thread with gold beads?

Holiday Mystery Gifts can be found on yahoo.com/groups.


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