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Monday, January 14, 2013

Shopping Trip: Yarn At GW

Whenever M and I go to Goodwill, I always like to look at sweaters for yarn reclamation. Yeah, sometimes Goodwill has yarn, but it's usually not so much of a deal.

For instance, you might see a ball of kitchen cotton for 99 cents. Well, it's usually $1 at Michael's or Joann, where I can buy multiple skeins of the same color.

Or, more often, it's a partial skein of something without a label.

But, I did hit the jackpot at a recent GW Hunting Expedition. I found two skeins of Katia Denim for 99 cents each. Katia is a ribbon yarn with a contrasting chenille edge. This is a nice turquoise color with a dark brown stripe. Very nice, indeed. There's just 156 total yards, so I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. I think I'd like to see this as some lacey scarflet, or perhaps as the accent on a larger garment?

These three yarns were also 99 cents each. The two without labels appear to be some sort of chained yarn. They remind me very much of Microspun, but are a bit different. I have no idea how many yards of either of these there are.
The third is Erdal Ponpon. It's a nylon and rayon yarn with a little chenille puff every inch or so. It would be very nice to add a novelty stripe into something with this--a purse, scarf, or hat maybe.

I had originally thought to maybe put all three of these together, since the Ponpon has both the red and gold colors in it. But I'm not married to that idea. I think the two smooth yarns would be good candidates for some Scalloped Edged Beaded Necklaces.

I will be keeping my eyes open for more yarn, you can believe that.


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