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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wash Your Face!

Have you seen that thing going around the interwebs? The experiment where a woman didn't wash her face for a month? She went to bed without removing her makeup, but then put more makeup on in the morning. After a month, her face was visibly aged.

Interesting, I thought. Although, I don't actually take my makeup off every night. Most nights. But sometimes I just forget.

What I found even more interesting was this: I was listening to something on TV the other night as I worked. It was on the History Channel, I think. It was explaining how uncommon it was to bathe from a time after the fall of Rome to about the mid-20th century. And one of the things the show mentioned was that Queen Elizabeth I had died with about an inch and a half of makeup on her face.

Now, hold your fingers out in front of you, an inch an a half apart. Now put that on your face. Think about that much makeup and how heavy it would be. How would you even talk? Or smile? Think of how it would smell while you were trying to eat. How did you keep it from flaking off into your food or your drink? How many zits were festering under all that?

And who would kiss you? Well, yeah, anyone you wanted to kiss you would have to. Because you're the queen and you can make them. But who would want to? "Kiss me hard, dear. I want to feel it through all this makeup."

That's pretty gross.

Wash your face.


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