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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yet Another FB Rant

Well, not exactly a rant. It's not something that sends me flying into a Hulk-like rage, or anything. I just find it annoying. And it's really not so much a rant about FB as it is about the people who do these things.

You've probably guessed that I've logged into FB and witnessed yet another family fight occur out in the open air of the interwebs. (Not my family. But someone I know.) I didn't really read it, but when you see there are a million comments, you know it's drama.

What is it with people that they have to manufacture drama for themselves? Do they not have enough going on in their lives? These people are just regular people, mind you, but we see it all the time in celebrities. It's like, if no one is paying attention to them, they have to have some public feud with another celebrity or shoplift something or break a paparazzi's camera or punch someone... It's unseemly and classless, is what it is. No matter who does it.

But let's say you're a high maintenance person, who has to manufacture drama for themselves. Why must we be involved? Be Justin Bieber, if you want, and act like you're the shit. Be Amanda Bynes and act like you've lost your shit. But, seriously. Don't be that person who plasters their shit all over their Facebook status.

And what gets me the most is that these same people who post about how awful their husband or kids or parents are--they're the ones complaining about how their privacy is being violated. By everyone, apparently. The government, the insurance companies, those loyalty cards stores use, and--ironically--Facebook.

Really? I don't see how you can complain about that.


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