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Thursday, May 08, 2014

More Commercials That Annoy Me

Those terrible late night "Chat Line" commercials are the worst. The one with the girl who looks like she might be all of 14, gyrating while the sultry voiceover tells you how anxiously she's waiting for your call. Makes me want to puke. Mainly because she looks like a child.

Maybe it's some undercover pedo sting? Like Chris Hansen is waiting to bust whoever this commercial appeals to. I hope so.

I also hate the eHarmony commercials. Not that I disagree with programs like eHarmony. I think the concept is good, and you could definitely meet someone that way. (Of course, that would only be the meeting. You would develop the relationship in person.) I just hate the commercials.

Especially the one where the grandchild tells the company president that her teacher met someone but not through eHarmony, so she told him it would never last. Great job, Grandpa. You've encouraged your granddaughter to be a bitch. LOTS of people meet in LOTS of other ways and it lasts. In fact, I think that if you compare meeting your spouse on eHarmony.com to not meeting your spouse on eHarmony.com, the majority of couples fall into the second category.

So wipe that shitty little smirk off your face, little girl.

I also hate the Sarah McClachlan animal cruelty commercial. Again, I agree with the message. I support the ASPCA. I am an animal lover. So I don't deserve to be tortured like that. That's why I change the channel whenever those commercials come on. No matter what show I'm watching. I change the channel and I don't go back, in case Sarah's bought a block of commercials during that timeframe.

Because I love animals. And I can't watch that crap.

I also hate the commercials that take a popular, but older song and change it to fit their product. Like the Mio commercial that uses The Gap Band's "You Dropped A Bomb On Me." It's been mutated so badly that I didn't even recognize the song until about halfway through the commercial.

Seriously. If you're going to change a song that much, why bother paying royalties? You could've just had someone in your ad department work an original tune up and paid them an hourly rate for it.


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