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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Glasses Case

I started going through all the scraps that Bre had brought me, trying to see if there were any colors that went together, etc. Okay. Who am I kidding. I was just handling all the yarn.

Anyway, I came across about a third of a skein of this Serenity Chunky in Stormy. I like this color mix a whole lot, so I decided to make something that's been in my Ravelry queue for a long time. It's a quick, 2-hour project that I thought would be very useful to me, since I pretty much always wear sunglasses outside.

I'm not pretentious. I have very light blue eyes that don't adjust very well in changing light and that can't take bright light at all. So driving west at sundown or east at sunrise pretty much blinds me (not exaggerating). Also, going from indoors to outdoors makes it impossible to see for a good 30 seconds.

I wear sunglasses, alright?

So I whipped up this little sunglass case to keep them in, using some of the yarn in the bag-o-yarn Bre gave me. Pretty cute, eh? Took me a little longer than 2 hours, though. Mainly because I apparently didn't pay attention to the fact that this is chunky yarn, not worsted. So it was a little stiff to knit with #5s.

I hope you realize I could have told you that I meant to use the chunky weight so the case would be more rigid and protect my glasses better. But I was honest and confessed to my mistake. You see what good friends we are?

I like the stiffer fabric, though. I think if I do this again, I will make it with a chunky yarn again. For the record, the mods on this pattern--which, by the way, is Sandy Sunglasses Clutch--are: chunky yarn, #5 needles, one yarn instead of two, and I just continued knitting I-cord on the flap once I'd decreased to 2 stitches. (Since the I-cord would just be sewn there anyway.) And I steam blocked it under a wet towel once I'd seamed it together.

I will probably do this in-the-round next time, though. Maybe add purl stitch on the sides so it stays folded straight. We'll see.


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