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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Feet Complete!

No, not speaking French there. I just finished the feet portion of the Moscow Slippers.

As I said, they're pretty easy to do, as long as you read the whole pattern before you start. The short rows are very simple and the only trick to doing them is keeping count of which row you do them on. (Ask me how I know.)

As in the Red Riding Slippers, this is going to have a bottom seam. But I feel confident in making a seam that doesn't feel like a seam, after doing the first slippers. Still, the bottom portion of this slipper is basically the same as the slippers your grandma made you, with the pompoms on top. (You know which slippers I'm talking about, right?) Only with these, the seam is on bottom instead of the top.

I honestly think it would work better to have the seam on top. You could shape the sides a little better and not worry about that bottom seam at all. (Because, of course, it would be on top.) You would still attach the leg in the same way.

The leg is knit back and forth on a circular needle, since you have to pick up stitches across the circular opening of the foot, once you seam it up. The leg yarn is fuzzy, so that may be a trick.

Stay tuned.


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