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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Scrap Bonanza!

It's Yard Sale Season again! But this year, like last, my schedule does not allow me to go to them. Boo! Too bad, too, because I really love going.

But Bre has been going on Saturdays. And how cool was it for her to think of me when she was there? She found a bunch of partial skeins at a sale and snagged them up for me! (She's helping me build my new Magic Ball, the little minx!) All kinds of stuff in this bag--different colors, different brands, different textures. Just the kind of thing to make my next afghan!

What's pretty cool about this is, if you can tell from this picture, the lady who put these in the sale actually labelled all the yarn. So either the bag has all the info like brand, weight, fiber content, etc., or else she's included the label in the bag. That's pretty handy. (I don't even label my scraps at home like that!)

Yay for Bre for getting these for me!


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