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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Where Do You Store Your Tools?

I'm a little ashamed to tell you that I usually store them wherever I happen to stop using them. I have the Batman Needle Holder in the living room and a wooden bowl that holds some small skeins and wips. But what about those tiny things that always go AWOL when you need them? Like seaming needles and stitch markers and crochet hooks, for that matter?

You know I lose one of those seaming needles a month.

Here's what I started doing: These are the plastic tubes from M&M Minis candy. (The perfect ratio of candy to chocolate, btw. I highly recommend them.) The small one is the regular size and the larger one was one that I got at Christmas.

The small one holds my seaming needles and a couple of buttons that I wanted to keep track of. I have another small one that I keep my stitch markers in. The larger one is the perfect size for crochet hooks. How cool is that?

The only issue I've had with these is that once in a while, I will momentarily forget. Then I see the candy tubes and get excited for just the briefests of seconds. So, imagine me: "Hey, candy!" Then, "Awwww."

I probably shouldn't have shared that with you.


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