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Monday, May 05, 2014

Pinterest Makes Me Feel Inadequate

I love Pinterest. Especially the DIY and crafts sections. People do the most creative things. And so many people are posting all these wonderful projects. It's like everyone in the world is more creative than me. But I wonder if that's actually true, or if it's just a small percentage of the population who are creative people, but they all post on Pinterest?

I mean, really. I thought I was creative. I thought I really did fantastic things with no money--food, decor, games, child raising. I think I certainly did stuff nobody else I knew did. Like Dance Time At Commercial Break, or walks where we would explore plants and rocks and stuff, or drawing games, science games, or even my famous Can Mom Make A Pancake That Looks Like A...? Breakfast. But Pinterest moms are all doing crazy-fantastic stuff.

I made little diorama dinners of broccoli trees, cheese lakes, and chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs. I made cookies that looked like sunflowers, with mini chocolate chips for the seeds. I made a heart cake out of a round cake and a square cake. But I never made those crazy Bento Box lunches or rainbow cupcakes or homemade fruit rollups shaped like the real fruit.

And room decor... When R was born, we had no money. We lived in a little apartment that we weren't allowed to paint the walls. But, a baby can't live in a white room, right? (Well, they can, but it's much better if they have something to look at.) So I hung dozens of stuffed animals on the walls so he would see them wherever he looked. (For some reason, the apartment complex had no restriction on how many tack holes you put in the wall, but you couldn't make a room yellow or blue or anything other than white.)

Well, that was pretty clever, I thought. All my friends seemed impressed with that. And back then, I'd never seen a baby's room decorated with anything other than paint and curtains. Of course now, a half-assed search on Pinterest will show you treehouse rooms and Lego rooms and princess castle rooms. People are making skateboard shelves and plastic animal coat hooks and rugs that look like game boards. Makes me almost ashamed to remember my shitty little stuffed animal room.

Of course, that was a long, long time ago. R is a grown man now. So I suppose it's possible that people, as a whole have just gotten more creative over the last couple of decades--like the evolution of the caveman to the modern man. That seems infinitely preferable to realizing you were Kool-Aid, when you thought you were Champagne.


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