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Saturday, May 10, 2014

On FaceBook, And Getting Older

I got a message from a lady I'd not talked to in years on FaceBook the other day. (You know I don't spend a lot of time on FB. I just get those notifications in my email.) Like, not "Join me playing this game or that game," but an actual message. So I logged into FB to respond.

While I was there, I noticed my newsfeed was filled with posts from people I went to high school with. Like 90% of them. And a small amount from people I know from present day. It looks like people my age outpost younger generations by about 10 to 1. (I know the math doesn't add up. Just go with it.) I suppose that's not surprising, considering everything I've read indicates young people are making a mass exodus away from FB specifically because the old people are using it.

The other thing I noticed is that everyone looks old. I don't mean that to be unkind. What I mean is, I wouldn't recognize most of them in person. Like, I wouldn't make the leap from the high school face I remembered to the today face.

Of course, that's not true for a handful of people. There are some who look the same, just older, maybe heavier. And one annoying person who looks exactly the same. How dare she?! I, of course, look pretty much the same.

Just older. And heavier. A lot older. And a lot heavier.


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