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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Yarn Diet Resolutions

I love to hear about other people's New Years Resolutions. I try not to make any, myself, simply because I know how difficult it is to keep them. Lose weight. Stop smoking. Save money. It's almost like people set themselves up for failure. Especially when you start talking crazy, like "Yarn diet."

First of all, I want no part of any activity with the word diet in it. That's just code for painful denial. But secondly, I'm going to buy yarn. I know it. You know it. Let me tell you, the folks at Michael's? They know it. (Boy, do they know it!) So if I say my New Year's Resolution is not to buy any yarn, well that's one resolution I can guarantee I'm going to fail at.

And while I probably have enough yarn to supply an imported-by-Anthropologie-sweatshop for a year, I'm still going to buy yarn. Because I like yarn.

Oh sure. I love knitting with yarn. I love crocheting with yarn. But, you know, I love yarn for its own self, too. I like having it. I like getting it. It has nothing at all to do with whether I need it or not.

Some of you may not relate. (Although, seriously, if you don't understand this you've probably stumbled upon this blog by accident.) Let me put it a different way: I'm not starving. I don't need to put on any weight for my health or for my looks. I definitely don't need coconut cream pie. (Although, really, this is open to interpretation of the word need.) But I freakin' love coconut cream pie. It's my favorite of all the pies. And I will eat coconut cream pie whenever I have the opportunity because it's so good.

No New Year's Resolution is going to change that.

I'm not completely goal-less, though. My goal is to finish the Winter Is Coming Scarf this month. And buy more yarn.


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