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Saturday, February 07, 2015

FO: November Cabled Hat

I've finished the November Cabled Hat. It's a nice pattern, really. All the trouble I had with it before was totally my own doing, and not any fault of the pattern.

You've got to love a bulky knit hat for a quick finish project. This is Bernat Alpaca in Tundra, held double, on #10.5 needles. The deep cable is a 8 row pattern, and the decreases at the top of the hat are done almost invisibly.

The only thing about this hat is that I think it might be too small for a man's head. The designer (in the description) says it fits her husband, and it certainly will stretch wide enough. But you can see it's not very deep on a man's head. It barely covers Alpha's ears--a dealbreaker for the guys I know.

I may have to knit this again and add another few rows in the ribbing.


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